Our Mission

In 2016, the Floyd Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1978, partnered with physicians from Baptist Hospital Floyd and local community members to form a Southern Indiana addiction coalition, Families Linking Families. The mission of the coalition is to raise awareness of the addiction disease, provide support for families battling addiction issues, and link individuals and families with local resources available to them.

This website, graciously funded by the Rotary Club of New Albany, is intended to be a valuable resource for individuals suffering from addiction and ready to seek treatment and for family members or friends who need therapy support to take care of themselves while they provide appropriate assistance to their loved one managing the disease.

Resources available on this site include names and contact information for local and regional agencies that offer services for the addictive patient, coalitions providing local resources and connections, and therapy groups for the individual, friend or family member. Also included on this website are up-to-date local and regional events sponsored by agency partners.

The Floyd Memorial Foundation and Families Linking Families wants to aid community members throughout Southern Indiana and metro Louisville by making sure they are aware of the addiction resources available to them so they may begin to sufficiently heal and restore their life.

The vision of Families Linking Families:

  • To create a support system for families dealing with addiction by linking the family with a local agency or hospital that will offer critical coping strategies and information and education regarding addiction;
  • To link families dealing with addiction to other families who have experienced a similar journey;
  • To bridge the gap between an inevitable end of drug abuse (jail, hospital, death) and a hopeful, healthy life comprised of healing and assistance for the addict and awareness and support for the family;
  • To educate families on how to manage the realities while appropriately caring for the family member with addiction; and
  • To establish a licensed 90-day clinical treatment center and successive half-way house in Southern Indiana in order for critical, accessible and feasible recovery options are available to the patient and treating physician

Get Help

For questions or additional support information please contact us via e-mail.